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bIT Veda Services is a team of young and dynamic people deals in IT, Telecom and Fire n Safety services.

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Wireless and telecommunications service providers must continually expand their service offerings to keep up with the demands of their customers and the market for new and innovative services. As new services are offered, a carrier must continually expand their network to meet and exceed capacity demands. The bottom line for the carriers is to offer these new services to attract new customers and retain existing customers, while ensuring an optimal customer experience. Site development is essential to accomplishing these objectives. Utilizing existing sites to expand their network presence is cost effective, but requires a continual focus on upgrading existing infrastructure and technologies. In addition to utilizing existing cell sites, carriers must expand through new site builds. Site development requires a broad range of knowledge and experience to ensure it?s done effectively and efficiently. Bitved@ provides a range of Site Development Services that can support clients at all stages of site development. We have deep expertise in providing the following essential Site Development Services.

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